Vlog #92 June 16, 2016 09:30

Welcome to this Thursday's latest edition of the brilliant, very much ongoing video blog. In today's vlog, I talk about things that I could never actually type or put in print ANYWHERE. Today's video is the most serious and personal body of work I've ever produced, and I'm even more proud of myself than the time I won the Guardian Blog of the Week or appeared in Private Eye or interviewed Surgeon over a ground-breaking double, two-week interview or wrote my now seminal anal sex/mint choc chip anecdote.

Yes, I'm very nervous and excited to be delivering what I feel is a very important message to all of my young followers. Yes, I am revealing myself to the world today as...no, I won't say here. Just watch the video and see for yourself. My only hope is that this video helps other people who feel as though they may identify with me...even if it's just one young lad or lass.

Ok, here it goes...

Shit. Fucking hell, sorry. Wrong video. Hold on. I'm sure I fucking taped it. Hang on a minute. FUCKING HELL.

Sorry, everyone. I can't find the video I made any more. I'm sure it was in my Hotflush folder. It's not there anymore, or in Deleted Items. Maybe I didn't actually press record and spent ten minutes unloading myself into a redundant camera? Upside down smiley face. Oh well, I'm over it all now. Fuck it. I'll be back tomorrow with a dance post.


Ps. I'm not praising Barney Ronay again. The cunt never did quote me...