Weather Warning July 19, 2016 09:30

Dizzee Rascal once sang the words, "It's gonna be a long, hot summer, but I'm certainly not talking about the weather, am I?" He was talking out of his fucking arse though, because have you seen the weather today (in London)? It IS a hot summer, and it IS because of the weather. If I was Dizzee Rascal, I'd concentrate on writing pop bangers with Calvin Harris and leave the weather to Ulrika and that cunt with a moustache who wears spazzy jumpers. LOLoutLOUD.

I'm sat here topless in the open-plan Hotflush HQ with my Bermuda shorts on. I've got a smart pair of black, Nike sandals on my feet from Sports Direct. The rest of the Hotflush team are sweating cobs because I've nicked the only fan, and I'm blasting out Miss Moneypenny's Glamorous One (the Mark Moore CD) on the office ghetto blaster. Talk about #vibes! I'm definitely bringing them (the #vibes) today, ladies and gentlemen.

It's a really great office to work in and I really love working here.

What kind of office do YOU work in? Why not write in and let me know? Send your answers on a postcard to the following address:

Tonka / Massively Struggling For Content
Hotflush HQ
PO Box 69
Berlin, Germany

I'll read out the best responses on next Tuesday's Hotflush daily blog. I definitely will.