Yesterday Was Thursday September 16, 2016 12:33

I've got that Friday feeling today, ladies and gentlemen. I don't want to do any work. I certainly don't feel like writing a daily post. This week on Hotflush has been a fucking classic, so I feel like I can coast a bit today. I've posted a brilliant new dance track, The Balls, and made a bunch of boring, know-it-all zombies on Resident Advisor cry.

Fuck it. I've just put my feet up on the Hotflush HQ writing desk. Whoops! I've accidently knocked Scuba's favourite mug on the floor! He's going to be so cross when he finds out. I'm just going to pick up the pieces and glue them back together. Whoops! I've just fallen off the swivel chair, banged my head on the Hotflush HQ writing desk, somehow turned a somersault and somehow landed head first in the Hotflush linen basket! I'd better get this off my head and fix Scuba's mug. Whoops! In forcefully pulling the Hotflush linen basket off my head, it slipped out of my sweaty hands and I've inadvertently propelled it through the air and it's now landed on Trevino's head, who has just walked through the door to see how the sales are going on his new 12" vinyl EP, Slide Away. That Scuba's going to have my guts for garters, ladies and gentlemen! Right, I'm just going to coolly place Trevino's 12" on the Hotflush record player and, whoops! After pressing Play on the record player, I somehow tripped over my undone shoelaces whilst standing still, knocked the record player over, Slide Away has smashed into a dillion pieces and, oh dear, in trying to keep my balance, I hung onto Trevino's sleeve and have, by chance, pulled him out of the first floor window with me! We've both landed arse first in a massive pile of Berlin dog dirt.

I think I'd better go home, keep out of trouble and try and enjoy the weekend.




PS. Keep on listening to my brand new and original techno track, The Balls. It's brilliant.