Auden - Hunger EP


Hunger EP
Single Digital Download

Auden’s third EP sees the shadowy producer stride familiar lengths of eclecticism while dipping into fresh sources of inspiration.

The title track yearns for the glory days of UK Rave with its sunrise chords overlaying broken beats and drops of acid. The homage is all but shorn on Alan Fitzpatrick’s remix as he contemporises it into a techno bomb with a breakdown to remember. Flexing typical versatility, ‘Simmer Down’ provides the counterpoint with rolls, bounces and jacks in equal measure while ‘Sewer System’ rounds off the EP in a blissed-out discordant ambience.


Release date: September 11th 2015


1. Hunger
2. Simmer Down
3. Hunger (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
4. Sewer System

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