Dense & Pika - Colt EP


Release: HF041D
Title: Colt EP
Artist: Dense & Pika 

Dense & Pika celebrate a hat-trick of releases on their Hotflush home with a display of mercurial melodic flair. With all the hallmark analogue, dust-treated sounds, the record kicks into gear with the unpredictably lush piano refrain of Colt, betraying a level of sensitivity not normally associated with the boldly direct duo.

Elsewhere, they're as visceral as expected. Black Deep' a demonic workout, all kitchen-sink percussion and body-blow bass, whilst 'Vomee' cruises along a bed of sparse atmospherics, dub-indebted stabs and bastardised vocals. Rounding off the EP is their most refined work to date. 'Airless (Live)' recorded in one take with live percussionists, woodwind and modular synthesizers, exhibiting their latent versatility and teasing at the possibilities yet to come.



  1. Colt
  2. Black Deep
  3. Vomee
  4. Airless (Live)

Release Date: 28/10/2013

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