Dense & Pika - Klank EP



Dense & Pika return to Hotflush with their first original material since last year's smash, 'Colt'. Meanwhile they issued a chart-topping remix of Paul Woolford's 'Erotic Discourse' with a signature bombast that carries over into the present Klank EP.

Six tracks leave plenty of room for variety, however; from the toecap shuffle of the eponymous lead track to 'Bad Ink''s melodic grand designs, through 'Slacker''s binary jack and the pared-down house groove that is 'Slowhand', not to mention the aquatic depths explored by 'Wandering Hands', we see Dense & Pika's muscles at full flex.



  1. Klank
  2. Lazy Wayne
  3. Slowhand
  4. Bad Ink
  5. Wandering Hands

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