Scuba - All I Think About Is Death / Why You Feel So Low Remixes


To coincide with the full remix album’s unveiling on CD, the exquisite reworkings of “All I Think About Is Death” and “Why You Feel So Low”, by techno heavyweights Radio Slave and Function respectively, have been singled out for release on vinyl.

The former bears all the hypnotic hallmarks of a Radio Slave classic: incrementally menacing percussive lines woven with the heartwrenching vocal chants of the original over an epic 12 minutes. At once understated and emphatic, the tenor is deepened in the extreme on an ambient “Atmos” version.

Berghain resident, Function, on the other hand treats Claustrophobia’s flagship “Why You Feel So Low” with a delicate touch: he retains the buoyant hook of the original, underlying it with a thunderous, reverberating bassline, handclaps for days, and a beat tailor-made for only the biggest and brightest sound systems.

Release date: November 13th 2015

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