Sepalcure - Folding Time Remixes II


Folding Time Remixes II
Single / Digital

Next up to bat in the Sepalcure remix arena is a motely old crew: UK parvenu Lee Walker, American polymath LA-4A and Bristol doyen Appleblim are the hitters, “Brother Forest”, “Devil Inside” and “Dub of” their respective pitchers.

On the up and up ever since his ubiquitous DJ Deeon collaboration “Freak Like Me” took the charts by storm earlier this year, Lee Walker brings his youthful zest to Folding Time’s ninth track “Brother Forest” – a neo-classic approach to house music that appeals to younger and seasoned battlers alike, visceral to the max. LA-4A (aka Ambivalent) and Appleblim take a more seductive, cerebral path: the former fashioning Angelica Bess’s vocals on “Devil Inside” into a broken beat serenade that builds along an acidic crescendo, the latter taking cues from the title to create a literal “Dub of” the original with all the flair of an OG. Something for everyone here.


01. Brother Forest (Lee Walker Remix)
02. Devil Inside (LA-4A Remix)
03. Dub Of (Appleblim Remix)

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