Shall Ocin - The Cliff / The Mist


Shall Ocin
The Cliff / The Mist
Digital (MP3 320)

Our latest addition is Shall Ocin, from Argentina. This two track EP "The Cliff/The Mist" is a clear cut demonstration of his innate sensitivity for infectious and unstoppable groove.

With past releases on Culprit and Ellum Audio, Nicolas Abalos has released music consistently over the past decade, but his Shall Ocin moniker is definitive of his journey to date. He has established himself as a true taste-maker amongst contemporaries, and here cements his reputation with a debut on Hotflush.

Opening the account is the excellent ’The Cliff,’ a steely main room house track with grinding synths that roam and whir about above weighty bass. It’s a physical, arresting track that brims and bristles with apocalyptic fervour and will truly work crowds into a lather as it continues to build. ‘The Mist’ is much more in your face, with malfunctioning machines smeared about above metal drums. It’s a real writhing monster that twists and turns with great filter work making for the most dramatic of atmospheres.

A1. The Cliff
B1. The Mist


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